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Hey Theatre People! Angie here. :) A few months ago I had an idea...


I want to stay connected to the theatre community when I can't produce my own shows, or make it out to support local theatre. Often, I ask people to tell me about the shows they're in, about the plays they've seen, and so on. I realized I get to meet a lot of really great people with a variety of experiences. One of these people is Mandy Logsdon. In addition to acting and volunteering in many companies in Southeast MI, she is one of the fiercest supporters of local theatre I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She tells great stories. :) After our fall "Free Form" Theatre Workshop, I realized how important it was to share our experiences as actors, techies, volunteers, and humans. I asked Mandy if she would be interested in writing a blog for our website. I asked her to tell us a story... It could be anything; an experience from a show she'd seen, questions she'd found while working on something new, an idea she'd had in the car on the way to a rehearsal... something, anything, that we could read and maybe even relate to. Maybe it could keep us connected, and maybe even start a conversation. She did just that, and I'm excited to share them with you. We will post another Mandy's Moment weekly. Or whenever we get them. :) So check back in! 


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Thank you!




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