For the Second Annual AKT Student Productions, the interviewing process began in fall 2011. Two directors, one stage manager, one lighting designer, and one set designer were chosen to explore, learn, and be responsible for almost every aspect of production. These students spent many months learning how to communicate, render, make decisions, and step fully into these positions in a completely hands-on process. David Pilon directed The War on Safety by Max Posner. Jacob Parshall directed selections from All In The Timing by David Ives. Hope Morawa filled the extremely demanding role of stage manager, under the guidance of Katey Meredith. Aaron Glenn experemented with Set Design, and Jon Pigott displayed his new found skill in lighting design under the supervison of Harley Miah.



SPRING AWAKENING takes its inspiration from one of literature's most controversial masterpieces - a work so daring in its depiction of teenage self-discovery, it was banned from the stage and not performed in its complete form in English for nearly 100 years. It's Germany, 1891; A world where the grown-ups hold all the cards. The beautiful young Wendla explores the mysteries of her body. Elsewhere, the brilliant and fearless young Melchior interrupts a mind-numbing Latin drill to defend his buddy Moritz - a boy so traumatized by puberty he can't concentrate on anything. One afternoon - in a private place in the woods - Melchior and Wendla meet by accident, and soon find within themselves a desire unlike anything they've ever felt. As they fumble their way into one another's arms, Moritz flounders and soon fails out of school...SPRING AWAKENING is a journey of self-discovery unlike any other.


Every Christmas Story Ever Told (And Then Some!) by Michael Carleton, Jim Fitzgerald, and John. K Alvarez. Instead of performing Charles Dickens' beloved holiday classic for the umpteenth time, three actors decide to perform every Christmas story ever told -- plus Christmas traditions from around the world, seasonal icons from ancient times to topical pop-culture, and every carol ever sung. A madcap romp through the holiday season! 

In November 2011, the AKT Theatre Project hosted a special master class with musical song writers Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. Better known as Pasek and Paul, the duo worked with company members on musicality, acting and song interpretation.

Children of Eden is a two-act musical play with music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz and a book by John Caird. The musical is based on the Book of Genesis. Act I tells the story of Adam and Eve,Cain, and Abel, and Act II deals with Noah and the Flood.

In the fall of 2010, the company accepted applications from high school and college students for a chance to direct their very own show. Three directors were chosen, along with a student technical team, to work alongside professionals in the theatre industry. These students have spent many months learning how to put up an entire production from beginning to end in a completely hands-on process. Play selection, casting, design, and acting are just a few of the students’ opportunities. The titles include, Frostbite by Lisa D’Amour, directed by Jon Pigott; And by Alan Haehnel directed by Sarah Mikota, and ‘Dentity Crisis by Christopher Durang, directed by Aaron Glenn. All three shows were presented in one evening.


Winner of the Jonathan Larson award in 2007, Edges was written by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. Edges, the evocative newfangled musical, pulls the audience into archetypal situations like growing up, new love, lost love, and being addicted to certain popular Internet social networking sites. Featuring songs like “Become”, “Be My Friend”, and “Lying There”, Edges brings you face-to-face with the familiar, the beautiful, and the sometimes painful parts of life we’ve all experienced.


The classic story of the stingy Ebenezer Scrooge's ideological, ethical, and emotional transformation after the supernatural visitations of Jacob Marley and the Ghosts of Christmases Past, Present, and Yet to Come.


You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown is a musical comedy based on the popular “Peanuts” characters created by Charles M. Schulz.


The Last Five Years is a story about two New Yorkers in their twenties, who fall in and out of love over the course of five years. 


This intimate and beautiful musical follows the story of Cathy Hiatt and Jamie Wellerstein. Unlike any other story...this one begins with Cathy at the end of their relationship and Jamie at the Beginning. They move through a figure eight pattern as they Fall in love, get married, and fall apart. 


A musical based on the gospel according to St. Matthew




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